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What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a relationship between the trader, 440Affiliates, and you, the affiliate. When you or your Real Money Players (RMP) and/or their sub-affiliates generate incomes, we, 440Affiliates, will reward you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is an on-line support or webmaster that provides web traffic and actively promotes the affiliates network campaigns. If you register (for free) in our network and you start generating traffic towards our casino portals, you have already become a de facto affiliate and, therefore, you are granted juicy benefits based on the results generated pursuant to the payout system chosen.

The affiliate provides traffic and, in consequence, new players for the casino. In order to do so, the affiliate can use promotions and marketing resources provided by the affiliates network and merchant program: banners for display campaigns, text links, exclusive promotions, .html files for e-mailing, etc. The affiliate will be responsible for the advertising and said advertising shall always be legal and comply with the restrictions imposed by the affiliates network. It is highly important that the affiliates accept and comply with all the terms and conditions expressed in the affiliation agreement since the business relationship created between both parties in based on that agreement. 

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