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Frequently Asked Questions

Doubts and frequently asked questions from our users. If these FAQs do not resolve your concerns do not hesitate to contact us at CONTACT.


What is 440Affiliates?

440Affiliates is an affiliates network of brands belonging to 440 Group NV that allows you to promote gambling brands like Casino440.com and/or the affiliation network 440Affiliates.com.

What is the 440 Group?

We are leaders in digital entertainment. We are also one of the most important on-line companies with million of players around the world. We are authorized and regulated in Curaçao and we have offices in Europe and Latin America that are available 365 days and 24/7.

What is an affiliates network?

It's is an association between the trader, 440Affiliates, and you, the affiliate partner. 440Affiliates offers you economic rewards for the incomes generated by the players that you recommend and their sub-affiliates through our gaming brands.

More information about What is an affiliates network?

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a relationship between the trader, 440Affiliates, and you, the affiliate. When you or your Real Money Players (RMP) and/or their sub-affiliates generate incomes, we, 440Affiliates, will reward you.

More information about What is an affiliate?

How does an affiliates network work?

It promotes one or several brands of the 440 Group with on-line marketing activities. Whenever you recommend the brands of the 440 Group to Real Money Players, you will receive a reward for the activities and players perform through a Subscription Payout Plan or Percentage Payout Plan. 440Affiliates will provide you the marketing tools that you need to generate the maximum amount of incomes.

Why should I register to 440Affiliates?

The affiliate programs of 440 Group NV have seen many of their affiliate earnings since the platform started. Our Affiliates have a higher probability of obtaining earnings than any other gambling network. Why? Because the brands of the 440 Groups NV attract a big amount of players which plays for Real Money in a long time term, thanks to our promos and bonuses.

Is there a fee to pay to register to the 440Affiliates network?

No, you do not have to pay any registration fee.

Who can join an 440Affiliates network and who can be registered as an affiliate?

The affiliates network is open to any individual who wants to promote the 440 Group of brands. The general standard conditions will be applied.

How can I check if my site fulfills the requirements to be part of the 440Affiliates network?

Almost 100 % of all affiliates fulfills the requirements to be part of the 440Affiliates network.

However, We reserve the right to reject any website that hosts any offensive material, including pornography, language or content that infringes our copyrights or third parties copyrights or that supports any violent group, terrorism and money laundering.

I do not own a website; Can I stil register as an 440Affiliates?

Yes. Even though you do not own a website or you do not have a good command of Internet, you can receive incomes if you promote our brands off-line (from mouth to mouth). Please contact support@440affiliates.com to get more assistance from us.

How can I get registered?

Becoming an affiliate to 440Affiliates was never simpler. Fill in the registration form you will find in the “Registration” section and send it to us. You also have to read the Affiliates Standard Agreement and accept its content.

Once you have filled all your contact details, you have to activate you account by the e-mail you will receive in your in-box. Then your account will be accepted in a matter of minutes.

If you have any issue with your activation process, please send a message to our support team: support@440affiliates.com and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Can I promote more than one brand?

Of course! Now you can promote all our brands in the affiliates network of 440Affiliates. Bear in mind that you will not be able to perform a cross promotion among the same url tracking.

I would like to promote your brands in more than 1 website; do I have to fill a different application form for each website?

No. You can include all the URLs of your websites when you register as an affiliate to 440Affiliates. If you wish to add another URL address later on, you can do so creating an additional ID tracker. For example, you can create different personalized adservers.

How would my recommended players benefit from it?

The platform integrated by 440Affiliates allows your recommended players to benefit from playing with all the brands of the 440 Group using the same player account with just one electronic wallet.

What is an ID tracker?

440Affiliates uses an exclusive ID Tracker to track the Real Money Players subscribed to our brands through the marketing tools.

When you register as an 440Affiliates affiliate for the first time, you create your first exclusive ID tracker. You can also choose your payout option, the tools language and the welcome bonus incentive you want to promote among the potential players.

By creating an ID tracker, you make sure that all the activities performed by the recommended players and sub-affiliates are automatically assigned to you.

The ID trackers also allow us to generate an accurate accumulated amount and all your personal stats like clics, impressions, leads...

How the tracking ID works?

Every affiliate has an exclusive tracking ID in the moment that the account is approved.

Suppose that a new player has to click in your tracking URL which contains your tracking ID and register a new account in any of our products.

In the meanwhile, our tracking system recognizes the tracking URL with the exclusive tracking ID of every affiliate and save all statistics.

How the bonus works?

The player will earn the bonus in the moment that he fulfills the requests we have per bonus.

How many tracking ID may I create?

In some cases, Affiliates440 could limit in the number of tracking IDs per user (or accounts)

Please, contact to your Account Manager if you want to have different accounts or tracking IDs.

What is a Real Money Player?

A Real Money Player is any individual associated to a tracker ID (or, if applicable, to their sub-affiliates’ trackers) that:

1. Has not played with any of our brands before.

2. Has carried out the minimum required deposit.

3. Is not a resident in the United States or in any other territory that we have specified as being restricted.

4. Has been accepted as a player through any subscription procedure or identity checking.

5. Has fulfilled any of the other qualification criteria that we might temporarily add.

Why are the residents of the United States excluded from the definition of Real Money Player?

Our definition of Real Money Players does not include players who are residents of the United States. The 2006 American Act forbids any gambling and bets in the Internet and it does not entitle us to accept deposits from users in the United States for bets. Since we cannot generate incomes from any American players, we cannot pay our affiliates under any Subscription Plans of new users in the United States.

Are there different ways to collect the payouts?

Yes, there are. We offer several payout plans that will allow you to gain unlimited incomes by promoting tthe most famous and fabulous casino and gambling sites in the market. As an affiliate to 440Affiliates, you will earn incomes per each Real Money Player (or “RMP”) that meets the sorting criteria. Please check the section on commissions for further information.

¿Can I choose different payment models?

Yes, you can select your payment model that fits you. You have to select the payment model you are looking for before use any of our tools.

Every tool you choose will include the payment model that you want thanks to the tracking URL.

Can I change the payout option to a player which is already linked to any other option?

No. Whenever a Real Money Player is registered through and ID tracker, it is associated to that ID tracker and their payout option. You cannot change the payout option associated to their tracker ID.

What is a welcome bonus?

It is an initial offer to encourage potential new players to register and start playing with the brands available. It constitutes an excellent promotion for Real Money Players and it encourages players to register faster than they would. You may use the welcome bonus to promote any brands with our on-line marketing tools.

Why should I use welcome bonus for new players?

To encourage and attract new players to register and start playing. The more recommended players you get, the greater will be the economic rewards you will get.

How can I watch my results and the earnings I have?

You can watch your statistics in your personal profile. These stats are updated every day.

When will I receive my incomes as an affiliate?

You will find the financial option in your personal profile. There you have to choose the way that you prefer to be paid per your incomes. Please, fill the gaps with your information to process your payments as soon as possible.

If you want to receive your first invoice, every affiliate needs to have a minimum of US$100 accumulated in their personal account.

If you already have US$100 accumulated in your account, we will open an auto-invoice (look for Billing History) where you will find all your monthly incomes.

Every affiliate has to accept the invoice and request for the payment, and our financial team will process it and pay the invoice.

We pay all the approved the invoices every 1st and 15th of every

Need help?

Once you have your affiliation account accepted, you will be reached by your personal Account Manager. He can help you with all doubts you may have.

If you have got not constance of who your Account Manager is, you can ask for help by writing to support@440affiliates.com

* Remember to include in your message your account name and Affiliate Id to move forward faster.

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